Walton County Sheriff’s Office Needs Your Help To Reduce Crime


The Walton County Sheriff’s Office has identified three major areas in which they would like to see drastic changes in our criminal statistical data:

1. Vehicle Burglaries
2. Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) violations
3. Deaths/Injuries caused due to violations of our Double Red Flags

They feel their primary target is tourists. Tourists come to Walton County on vacation and lose that sense of crime that does not occur when you’re on vacation.

The WCSO has developed a postcard that they feel addresses those primary issues, is a visual reminder to the tourist to take safety measures, and will hopefully assist us in reducing crime while keeping Walton County the paradise it is.

They are asking for local businesses to help support their cause by placing the postcards at their cash registers, within their rental units, or within their front lobbies so tourists and locals can take them as they want.

If your business would like some of the postcards, please reach out to Mark Wendel
Sergeant – Walton County Sheriff Office, Crime Prevention, Cell (850) 200 – 5143.