The Great Insurance Equalizer


By Matthew Vanderford, Claimology

There’s a lot going on in the world of insurance these days. And I mean a lot. Over the last few years, Florida has been hit several times with severe hurricanes. And Floridians have been boots on the ground rebuilding their lives; living out brotherly and sister love; extending good will towards neighbors long forgot and strangers even longer so.

As a licensed Insurance public adjuster, I see first-hand, day after day, the insurance process of how claims are settled. I witness the stress of business owners trying to make repairs to keep their livelihoods afloat. I deal with the stress of parents who come home to houses torn apart due to broken dishwashers or faulty toilets, left either washing dishes in the tub or using one bathroom to accommodate six people. I LOVE what I do.

I LOVE to help people. As a public adjuster I feel like I really get to help and contribute to the welfare of the community. I get to be a part of helping people obtain the monies they need to rebuild their homes, their businesses, their lives, their dreams. Another part of what I love is learning about what goes on in the insurance world and how to use that information to help other Floridians when they need it most.

Most people aren’t aware of the great advantages they have here in Florida. Other states aren’t like this. For example, if you have to hire an attorney in another state, they can take 40% or more of the recovery. Not here in Florida. If you win a case here, then the insurance companies are required to pay the bills! That’s called leveling the playing field—the Great Equalizer. I wanted to take the time to make sure this information gets out there. This is just one piece of information that people need to be made aware of. If you would like more information on this and other ways our staff at Claimology can help you with your insurance claims, appraisal and umpire services, or estimating, please contact us at 850.684.4794, visit, or email We’re here for you and to help keep Florida Amazing!

We are the builders of our lives, captains of our ships, architects of our dreams.