Smart Film


By Chris Balzer, ECES

But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

No one would dispute that having the beauty of soft natural light shining through our windows puts a smile on our face and warms our hearts. We have windows to let in light and give us views into our world. You might have a lake view, an ocean view, a pool view or simply a view of the outside. What I am finding out is that many of us have windows that are letting in much more than soft natural light and have become a nuisance. We purchase blinds and curtains to block the heat. We search for dark or mirrored film to help against the heat while maintaining some of our view. We place towels and blankets over our furniture and wood floors to protect them from fading and cracking. We even go to the extreme of replacing our windows with expensive Low E glass.

There is a solution, ERG (energy reflective glass) or smart film. I know what you are thinking: another film, great, tried that, didn’t work or my HOA won’t allow it. ERG is not your typical window film. In fact, it has some of the most technological advances built into this smart film. Most films use dyes and aluminum. ERG uses a proprietary technology to sputter gold and silver allowing the film to be virtually clear and highly energy efficient. A client of ours in Inlet Beach built their home in 2017; they struggled with trying to keep their master suite cool due to all the windows letting in heat. We coated their windows and after two months they contacted us and said, “Thank you so much! We are very happy with the heat reduction we have noticed.” There is science behind this magic. Astronauts use a visor assembly coated with a thin layer of gold that filters out the sun’s harmful rays and protects the spacewalker from extreme temperatures. This technology has been adopted and available to solve the problems in our homes and offices. One popular question we are asked is, do I need to coat all my windows? The answer is no. We want to only address the problem windows: the windows which get direct sunlight, the windows from which you feel heat radiating.

Because the film is virtually clear, you will maintain your original architectural integrity.
Basically, it won’t change the look of your home. What our ERG film won’t do is block glare or shade a room. ERG blocks the heat, not the view. Another benefit of our ERG film is that it rejects 99% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays which damage floors, furniture, blinds and drapes. If you have been searching for a solution to block the heat and not your view, contact us for an in-home demonstration and see for yourself how we can block the heat and not your view.

Chris Balzer is Founder and President of Emerald Coast Energy Solutions, a Smile Provider Company. We provide smiles to our customers after installing our high energy efficient products, increasing comfort and lowering energy bills. For more information on how to save this fall and become energy efficient, schedule an inspection by calling (850) 588-2870, visit or email and “Beat the Heat!”