Laundry Tips and Tricks…with Sudsy!


Steven Harley Laundry GuyBy Steven Harley, CEO, CFO, Head Janitor

Thanks for taking the time to read our fun, informative article for some basic laundry tips and tricks!

In this issue, we want to tackle the age-old question: Top loader vs. Front loader.

Having been in the business for more than 16 years, we have used every type of washer available: commercial, residential, top loader, front loader, etc. Every week, we always get asked the same question: Which machine is better, a front load or a top load washer?
Without going into in-depth explanations, we have found that the overall best washer you can use/buy is a commercial front load washer. It will give you the best wash results and will leave the least amount of moisture in the garments at the end of the cycle due to the high extract speeds. Unfortunately, these commercial front loaders are usually only available at laundromats due to power and flooring structural needs.

Having said that, the best residential washer is still the good old, reliable, familiar top loading washer. The new residential front load washers are simply too expensive, not very reliable, and do not use enough water! Personally, I have traded in my front load residential washer to buy another top load washer at home.

At Total Laundry Services, you’ll find that every store has front load and top load washers.
Our front loaders vary in size from 20 lbs. to 80 lbs. So, feel free to bring in as little or as much laundry as you’d like – we definitely have a machine ready to handle it! Visit