Hormones Aren’t for Me


Dr ChernBy Dr. Richard Chern, MD

Have you or a friend tried hormone therapy in the past and had no results or minimal results? Worse are the patients who have tried hormone therapy and had bad results. It’s not uncommon for us to hear this from patients who have tried hormone therapy with other providers in the past.

Fortunately, in medicine there is an enormous amount of training involved to become a provider. Unfortunately, once you are a provider, it can be easy to add treatments and procedures to your clinic with minimal or no training. I know some doctors who have learned how to do pellet therapy from watching videos on the internet. The same is true for Botox and fillers. Just because someone can perform a procedure does not always mean they are capable or should be performing that procedure.

Hormone pellet therapy is more than just an algorithm and more than just a procedure. There are a lot of seemingly minor details that are vitally important to proper dosing. Many clinics have a dosage based on weight only or a standard dosing that just doesn’t work for a good portion of patients. Some patients may want something their insurance will pay for, something closer to their home or perhaps something cheaper. Some providers incorrectly counsel against hormone therapy, because of decades old, dis-proven and incorrect information. I wish we could get patients to our clinic first, but this is an impossible task. Thankfully, most patients who get their hormones from someone else will eventually find us.

Whatever your previous experience, don’t give up on hormone therapy. I’m certain we can help you feel better than you are feeling now. Come see us and give us a chance to give you the symptom relief you deserve.

Dr. Richard Chern, MD provides hormone therapy to men and women from across the country. He is also on staff at BioTE Medical and teaches hormone therapy to new providers including providers right here in our local area. Dr. Chern might even be treating your doctor or nurse practitioner since he treats many of the doctors and nurse practitioners in the area and their staff as well. He is a platinum BioTE provider and runs one of the largest BioTE hormone clinics in the country in Miramar Beach. Call Dr. Chern today for an appointment at The Hormone Restoration Center at 850-837-1271.