Flex Workspace


By Melissa Fertitta, Beachworx

A new study by The Instant Group shows demand for flex workspace is up 58 percent in cities across the United States. According to the data, Miami is outpacing all other cities, with demand skyrocketing by 143 percent.

While Miami may be busier than its Panhandle counterparts, entrepreneurs, employees and tourists are enjoying the flexibility of Destin’s coworking space, Beachworx.

As far as commercial office space goes, resort towns will always have fewer options than concentrated urban city centers. But what we lack in high rise real estate, we make up for with flexible affordable solutions for physical and virtual office spaces.

Destin’s coworking community, Beachworx, offers a mix of private office suites, conference rooms and open coworking that can accommodate monthly and daily users. Tourists vacationing in Destin appreciate the ability to work in a quiet professional environment with day or weekly passes.

Small businesses and start-ups not quite ready to hang their own shingle appreciate that these private offices can be rented on a month-to-month basis, a stark difference from traditional commercial leases, which require long-term commitments and additional charges for utilities, taxes and the like.

A virtual office membership at Beachworx is one way small businesses are improving their credibility, by elevating its address from a post office box to a class A office building. Entrepreneurs who work from home appreciate the privacy protection of a virtual address while others are eager to use that address to expand their businesses into a new market.
Perhaps the greatest value a coworking space offers its members is its community.
Beachworx members do business together, seek advice from one another and expand their networks through introductions made by other members.

Whatever your business needs, Beachworx probably has a flexible, affordable solution. Visit https://thebeachworx.com.