Check Your Mailbox!


Housekeeping tips from Greta Grumbine Charlton—your local mail carrier:

1) Spray for Wasps
It’s that time of the year when wasps are making their nests in and around your mail boxes! Help your mail carrier by checking around your mailbox to make sure it’s clear and safe to deliver. If you have a paper box underneath your mail box, it’s a favorite spot for nests to be built. We appreciate your help keeping wasps away!

2) Check your Mailbox!
With increased package ordering, make sure you are checking your mailbox daily. Smaller packages easily fit into your mailbox, but only if you’re emptying it every day. Your mail carrier gets out of their vehicle frequently; help them out by making sure there is plenty of room in your mailbox for the day’s deliveries. If you’re planning a trip out of town, put your mail on hold with the post office, or arrange a neighbor to check your box for you.

3) Don’t Deface Mail!
Don’t write on mail that isn’t yours. I know it’s frustrating to receive mail that does not belong to you. Your mail carrier has a lot of mail to go through each day, and your regular carrier doesn’t work every day. If a sub is working, they won’t know the active “forward” for your mailbox. If you receive mail that doesn’t belong to you, simply put it back in the box with the flag up, or leave a post-it note on it. This way we can make sure the mail gets to the right place, and it’s not marked up.

Thank you to everyone who helps make our jobs easier!