2022 Resolutions


By Kay Leaman, HealthyDay HealthyLife

Resolution: A firm decision to do or not to do something; the quality of being determined.

How many of us make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? We write it down and implement a few new things we hope will get us there. Then, life happens. We have a bad day, something happens and we quickly find ourselves back in old routines, excuses and oh well, we don’t even remember where that piece of paper is that contained our resolutions.

Which is more important: losing weight or being healthy? Here’s another question to ponder: Do you want to be fit or healthy? I know people who are fit, but are not healthy and healthy, but are not fit. Both of these take work and certain actions can improve both. But getting there requires different disciplines. There is a side effect to being healthy—weight loss.

Let’s look at COMMITMENT. Commitment: The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.; an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

So, which are we, determined or committed? Determination can be derailed, but a commitment requires sacrifice. I’ve always taken my commitments seriously. And although I haven’t been 100% successful, it’s what drives me to be on time, to show up, to think before I say yes (or no). It’s what I need to create balance in chaos.

If we’re having a bad day and we know that we made a commitment to be healthy, then comfort food isn’t an option. EAT AN ORANGE, change what comfort food looks like, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’re worth it.

So, instead of a resolution, make a commitment to yourself and show up. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I am saying you’re worth it. Put your commitment on your calendar, fridge, mirror, in your car and as a bookmark. Remember, commitment is an engagement that restricts freedom of action. So, let’s ask ourselves if we’re ready to not do certain things and feel good about it.

Lastly, never, never, never feel guilty about choosing to enjoy yourself at special dinners, parties, etc. Choose your battles wisely and be ok with your choices. If you think you’ll feel guilty, then know you’re making the wrong choice.

Let us make 2022 the year we believe we are worth it! Here’s to Health.
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