Make Your Way to CRYO850 Performance and Recovery Center


What is CRYO850? A place for wellness? For athletes? Pain management? Skin care? Mental reset? The answer to each question is “YES!” CRYO850 offers drug-free technology for staying young, active and pain free. Its community culture of healing is literally changing lives.

With cryotherapy treatments, you hop in the tank for 2-3 minutes and jump out feeling better than before. Whether it’s aching joints, inflamed muscles or an extra inch or two around the waist, make yourself a priority and feel better. It’s the only performance and recovery center that offers a nitrogen-free whole-body cryotherapy experience in North Florida and designed to lower the skin temperature and accelerate the body’s natural rejuvenation. The process helps speed muscle recovery while releasing endorphins and adrenaline. Athletes have been using cryotherapy to aid their recovery for years; they need to recover pretty quickly so they can train again the same day and get the most out of workouts and practices. Name the age, race or fitness level and you’ll find it here—a myriad of people all looking for better health and wellness without drugs or injections. Life is short and you only have one body. Recover smarter. Recover faster. Help alleviate pain. CRYO850—clean, sanitized, safe and big enough for social distancing.
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